5 Possible Reasons Your Wounds Smell When Healing

Has your wound been giving off a foul odor? When you sustain an injury, you might assume it will heal within a few days. But, in some cases, the wound starts exhibiting symptoms you were not expecting, which could signify an underlying issue. So, do wounds smell when healing? Learn all about this phenomenon in this blog.

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    Is it Normal for a Wound to Smell?

    Wound odor is called malodor, and it is not normal for a healing wound to smell. Generally, the reason behind malodor is necrotic tissue, which gives off an unpleasant scent. That’s not all — bacterial colonization in the wound bed is also responsible for the smell. However, it could also be a result of a chemical reaction between certain dressings and wound exudate; usually, hydrogel dressings might be accompanied by a foul odor.

    Reasons Your Wounds Smell When Healing

    Your wound specialist can determine if the wound is healing correctly or not, thanks to the unpleasant odor it produces. When you visit the doctor for wound care, they might inform you about what to expect. If you notice an unpleasant smell wafting off from the injured area, here are a few reasons why it happens:

    1. Infection
      One of the most frequent causes of wound odor is an infection. When bacteria invade the wound, it releases malodorous chemicals that produce a foul smell. Apart from the smell, there are other signs of an infected wound, such as swelling, inflammation, pain, and more. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor if you notice signs of wound infection!
    2. Drainage
      There are different types of wound drainage, and they may be responsible for the smell as well. Drainage provides the ideal environment for bacterial growth, which also increases the possibility of an infection in the wound. Moreover, the drainage might be smelly since it contains necrotic tissues, along with other debris.
    3. Necrosis
      When tissues start dying, they begin decomposing and releasing foul-smelling chemicals. Known as necrosis, this type of decay usually takes place in damaged or infected tissues. Necrosis is another common reason behind malodor and is a possible cause of your wound’s smell.
    4. Poor Hygiene
      Your wound care specialist will instruct you on the proper guidelines to take care of your wound. When you fail to follow these guidelines, you will invite unwanted consequences in the affected area. If you do not maintain the cleanliness of your wound and do not keep it dry, it starts becoming infected and smelling bad. Therefore, follow your doctor’s instructions; clean the wound with warm water and soap.
    5. Certain Medical Conditions
      Do you have diabetes or liver disease? It can also cause wounds to give off an unpleasant odor. Plus, certain medications are also possible culprits behind a smelly wound, such as antibiotics.

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